Stay tuned for our newest app coming out soon. This latest app called iPan Fun Center, is a combination of many of the fun activities 3-6 year olds enjoy. The app is broken down into 4 fun and educational sections.


The first segment is called the Learning Center. In this section the kids are encouraged to go through flashcards that include pictures and sounds. They can then test their knowledge through the word match game where the kids spin a wheel to match the English words to the Chinese words. Finally, sentence structure and phrases is always a challenge when navigating from Chinese to English and vice versa. This section allows kids to slowly build their vocabulary and basic understanding of grammar using 1-5 words phrases. For example, “One cat,” is matched up to a picture of a cat. Then they are shown the phrase, “Two black cats.” Finally, they can make a sentence using the phrases they have learned, such as, “There are three white cats.”


We know how difficult it is to have kids engage in meaningful education on the iPad or iPhone. Too often, they are fully occupied with the latest game. That’s why iPan Fun Center will feature Smack-a-Word. The children are tasked with smacking moles that have a Chinese or English word on it. So as they are playing they are also reading and learning new vocabulary.


At this young age, children love to learn through songs. iPan Fun Center will have classic English songs such as Old Mac Donalds’s and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as well as Chinese favorites such as Little White Rabbit. All of these songs will provide lyrics in Chinese (with Pin Yin) and English and contain interactive surprises to keep them engaged.


Finally, what app is complete without a adrawing book? As the kids are coloring their favorite picture, they can see and hear the name of the object they are drawing in both languages.


We will keep you posted as the project progresses!