IPanAsian Learning is excited to bring you and your children educational products that will help them learn about Asian and American language and culture in a fun and interactive way.  Our introductory project is an app about two young girls named Anna & Mei Ling.  Their adventure is told in a short story that is narrated by native Mandarin and English readers.  The children can follow the story in either English or Simple Chinese Mandarin (including Pin Yin).  When the story is complete, the children can practice writing some basic words in English or Chinese.  Sprinkled throughout the app are puzzles, animations, songs and new word vocabulary to keep them interested along the way.


The creators of Anna & Mei Ling understand how difficult and tedious it can be to learn another language.  Keeping children’s attention is a constant challenge, which is why we have tried to create an environment that is fun and educational.


You can find this app at the Apple App Store under “Anna & Mei Ling”.