iPanAsian Learning is an indy app developer who’s goal is to provide creative fun, educational and productive apps. Our focus is on educational apps for children between 3 – 6 years of age aspiring to learn Chinese and English in a fun interactive way. We also develop apps outside of this scope if we find it interesting because we just love to code.


Our first app was a story about Anna & MeiLing. This fully bilingual app guides the child through the story and also provides some writing exercises to further advance their writing and reading skills.


Professionals in the health care industry need to calculate their work productivity using a simple yet tedious formula. Productivity Calculator was released for those tired of manually calculating their productivity over and over again. This app makes this tedious process as simple as a touch of a button.


Our next big scale development project is called iPan Fun Center. This four part app combines some of the funnest kids activities into one site. Read all about it in the next page.


We hope you enjoy our productions as much as we enjoyed creating them.